FLU-FLU Party: Spring Shot 2019

Open season 2019, Flu-Flu party: spring shot, April 13, 2019 … it’s all about the same thing, this is a bright start to the archery season 2019 !!! Season is open!!! We defeated the weather, cold fingers, frozen noses and the desire to bask in the house warm !!! And all because WTAF Ukraine warms our hearts and this is the most important thing !!!
But delicious sausages on fire and hot tea warmed our stomachs)))
My sincere congratulations to all the archers and members of  WTAF Ukraine on the opening of the season 2019 !!! We started !!! Ahead is a year of wonderful and unexpected events, new impressions, prospects, victories and achievements !!! This is what awaits us all in the archery season 2019.

I wish you all good luck and fire in your hearts !!!

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