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Dear archery friends!

WTAF Ukraine Team is pleased to share the revival of traditional archery and welcomes you to “Archery Tradition” festival and competition

The festival takes place in the outdoor Museum of Traditional Architecture of Ukraine, where we will have the Tournament, the festival, and enjoy the surroundings of over half millenia into our past. Best of traditional national cuisine is on for catering. Participants are provided with free camping ground on Museum’s quarters, or we can help with finding accommodation per your requirements. We will be happy to meet you at the airport and take you to the camping site or your chosen accommodation.

We are looking forward to meeting you on the tournament!

Best regards,
WTAF Ukraine Team

“Archery Tradition” is a traditional archery competition with four main archery disciplines: Target Archery, Field Archery (American Field, 2D & 3D hunting), Dynamic targets and Long range archery.

*******General disciplines

***Stand shooting – is shooting at a static target from standard distances
(20-25-30-35 m). This is the easiest and the most common way to determine the level of the shooter (archer), it also is fundamental for working out the basic techniques of shooting with a traditional bow.
***Practical shooting (Field Archery, 3D Archery) – is a simulation of a real hunting, which must show the archer`s ability to shoot at unknown distances, from different angles and unusual shooting positions.
***Dynamic shooting – combines the diversity of intuitively shootings at moving targets, and also shooting and moving. The examples are the following types of shooting : shooting at a pendulum target, a windmill and “flu-flu” disks.
***Long range shooting – one of the ancient and historic kinds of shooting, used by archers in wartime. They include such discipline as: target shooting at 60 meters and more, Korean shooting at 90 and 150 m, Clout shooting, when you have to shoot a canopy in a given sector , flight shooting – firing at a maximum distance.

******Main provisions
After registration, participants will be divided into 4 groups, which will start simultaneously in 4 different stages, but all stages will be passed in turns. A team leader, writer and controller will be appointed for each group by organizers. The leader will be responsible for a group`s correct passage of the route and
the announcement of score points that should be written to the score cards by the writer, and a controller will confirm their authenticity.

– tradition
– modern long bow
– hunter

*****Tournament regulations:

1st 2nd and 3rd Days:
Stand, Practical (3D, 2D hunting, Field), Dynamic
shooting ( at moving targets), Long range shooting

***Stand shooting:
Distances: 20, 25, 30m. The target diameter 1m. 6 arrows, 2 sets for each distance. The maximum number of points – 360.
*Cost of a hit: 3, 5, 10 points.

***Practical shooting:
Circles 3D, 2D, Field (18 targets). 1 arrow for each target, 2-nd arrow if archer missed, 1 circle. The maximum number of points – 198.
*Cost of a 1st hit: 5, 8, 10, 11 points.
*Cost of a 2nd hit: 3 points.

***Dynamic shooting:

1. Flu-Flu Shooting on the flying disk with flu-flu arrows. 6 arrows, 6 targets, 2 sets. The distance not more than 15m. The maximum number of points – 120.
*Cost of a hit: 5, 10 points.

2. Pendulums: 6 arrows, 2 sets. The distance of 15m. The maximum number of points -120.
*Cost of a hit: 5, 10 points.

3. Windmill: 6 arrows 2 sets. The distance of 20m. The maximum number of points -120.
*Cost of a hit: 5, 10 points.

***Long range shooting:

1. Target shooting. 60 meters, target diameter 1m . 2 series, 6 arrows. The maximum number of points – 180.
*Cost of a hit: 5, 10, 15 points.

2. “Korean door”. 90 meters. 2 series, 6 arrows. The maximum number of points – 240.
*Cost of a hit: 10, 15, 20 points.

3. Clout. 120 meters (for women), 150 meters (for men). The angle at which the arrow hits the sector should be not less than 30 degrees. 2 series, 6 arrows. The maximum number of points – 240.
*Cost of a hit: Zone: 9x9m-5points , 3x3m – 10 points, 1×1 – 15 points, a red circle in the center – 20 points.

*****General admission for bows

-Compound bows are not allowed
-No limit for draw weight
-Sights, clickers and stabilizers are not allowed
-Saddle on the string is allowed
-Arrow shelves glued to the bow are allowed
-The rule concerns all the categories: no sighting marks on the inside of the upper limb, including any pictures and inscriptions. If any of such are present, the participant is required to cover them by non-transluscent tape to the end of the competition.

*****Bow classification:

*Class “Tradition” – bows made of natural materials which have the shape and form of historical analogies, but not necessarily exactly duplicate them. Wooden arrows with sports points; plastic nocks are allowed.

*Class “Modern Long Bow” – no limits for bow handle, a cut for arrow window no more than 1/2 the thickness of the bow is allowed. String must not touch the body of the bow in the stringed state, except fixing points (a notch). The length of the bow must
not be shorter than 150 cm for women and 160 for men in stringed form. Wooden arrows with sports points; plastic nocks are allowed.

*Class “Instinct (Hunter)” – bows, which were not included in the previous two categories, or bows with the arrows made of modern materials (carbon, aluminum, etc.).