WTAF Regulation

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Regulation of World Traditional Archery Federation.


Article 1 (Name):

World Traditional Archery Federation (WTAF).

Article 2 (Goals):

2.1 activate the people’s traditional archery and exchange national culture and information by WTAF.

2.2 support member countries efforts to succeed each country’s traditional archery and improve people’s health by WTAF.

Article 3 (Requirement for Member Country): 

3.1 Regular member country: countries which participate in WTAF annually except special absence and have national organization such as archery association, union or group.

3.2 Irregular member country: countries which participate in WTAF annually except special absence and do not have national organization such as archery association, archery organization or group yet.

Article 4 (Place of office):

Office of WTAF locates in the office of national archery association of Korean council of sport for all, which runs WTAF.

Article 5 (Tasks): implement following projects to achieve the goals (Article 2);

5.1 organize annual WTAF to develop the traditional archery and to facilitate international exchange. If WTAF may not be opened by unavoidable situation, the executive committee of WTAF OC decides to find out the alternatives to cope with the problem.

5.2 conduct international academic seminar for research works on findings of the world traditional archery culture and development of the traditional archery

5.3 conduct international conference on the traditional archery and executive member’s meeting.

5.4 participate in regional events for traditional archery development in a continent and a nation.

5.5 implement a project for improvement of global traditional archery.

5.6 prepare to establish future international traditional archery organization.

Article 6 (Right of member country):

6.1 to participate in WTAF.

6.2 to participate in General meeting and International conference and decide.

6.3 to participate in events which are registered to WTAF

6.4 to select the national representatives who participate in WTAF.

6.5 to be treated equally during WTAF without any discrimination.

Article 7 (Duties of member country):

7.1 to participate in WTAF.

7.2 to participate in General meeting and International conference of WTAF.

7.3 to do efforts to activate and spread own country’s traditional archery and establish national traditional archery organization such as association or club.

7.4 to dispatch country’s representative to the WTAF

7.5 to follow the decisions of general meeting and executive committee

7.6 to contact closely with WTAFOC and follow the request

Article 8 (Tasks of organizational committee members):

8.1 President(1 person): Implement of WTAF projects responsibly and nominate a secretary general, a head of umpires, head of game operation and advisory committee members.

8.2 Vice presidents (3 persons): support the president and first vice president take a role of president if he is not able to do his function.

8.3 Secretary General (1 person): manage the organizational committee works and run the WTAF as headquarter chief manager.

8.4 Executive committee members : represent the continents and decide the significant issues through discussion.(maximum 20)





5)North America

6)South America

7)Central America

8.5 Head of referee (1 person): train and supervise the umpires and represent the umpires in WTAF.

8.6 Head of game operation (1 person): run the WTAF game

8.7 Head of Safety manager (1 person):  manage various Safety inspection for Traditional Archery occasion

8.8 Advisors (small number of people ): advise and evaluate the works on WTAFoc.

Article 9 (Working period of members):

9.1 President and vice president work during 3 years and may be nominated again.

9.2 Secretary General works with president during same period and may be nominated again

9.3 Executive committee members work during 2 years and may be nominated again.

9.4 Head of umpire and head of game operation work during 2 years and may be nominated again.

9.5 Advisors work not determined.

9.6 When president, vice president and secretary general are not possible to work because of some reason  and remaining period is longer than 1 year, members should be elected, but if the period is less than 1 year, their works are taken by following procedures;

If president is not able to work, the vice president works instead of president.

If vice president is also impossible to work, the secretary general works instead of him.

Article 10 (Election of members):

10.1 The president of National archery association of Archery for all takes position of the president WTAF OC together.

10.2 Three vice presidents including one Korean are elected among country members by executive members.

10.3 Secretary General is elected by president recommendation.

10.4 President elects a head umpire and a head of game operation with recommendation of secretary general.

10.5 Advisory council committee is grouped by president recommendation.

10.6 International umpires and game operation members are selected by secretary general.

10.7 Secretary General is responsible to report on the member nomination at general meeting.

Article 11 (Prohibition for members): For the members are prohibited following:

11.1 harm to the development of world traditional archery.

11.2 do not have relation to the traditional archery.

11.3 be obstacle to the cooperation between countries.

11.4 have intention to use the organization and events for the commercial purpose.

11.5 are accused as a violent nationally and internationally.

11.6 are designated as improper person by WTA OC and executive member committee.

Article 12 (Expiration of members):

12.1 seem to be impossible to work as member because of physical and mental disorder.

12.2 violate given duties continuously and do not participate in events.

12.3 hurt the pride and reputation of member seriously.

12.4 act to hurt WTAFOC very seriously.

12.5 break the harmony between countries and regions.

12.6 defects of member found after registration.

12.7 decision of executive committee meeting and general meeting.

Article 13 (General meeting):

13.1 General meeting is held once a year during WTAF and made final decision on the items which executive meeting discussed and made consensus.

13.2 All member who participate in WTAF have right to vote on the issues which executive committee decided through discussion. General affairs are enough to be reported to the general meeting

13.3 Pending issues are passed by approval of half of participants.

Article 14 (Tasks of Executive committee):

Executive committee, the highest decision making organization, is consisted with president, vice president, secretary general, head umpire, head game operation and representatives of continents, discuss and decide following tasks.

14.1 select or recommend members.

14.2 execute the tasks which are approved or entrusted at general meeting.

14.3 make and revise regulation.

14.4 suggestions to development of world traditional archery festival.

14.5 approvals to registration of new country and body member.

14.6 the other important items to achieve the WTAF goals (Article 2).

14.7 the other necessary items

Article 15 (Emergent issues):

President takes action on minor or emergent matters in advance and report to next executive committee meeting.

Article 16 (Administration of organizational committee office): 

16.1 The administrative office of the national archery association of archery for all manages the WTAF OC office.

16.2 A secretary general and staffs work at office.

Article 17 (Duties and responsibilities of secretary general):

Secretary General under president supervision manage the administrative office works totally, operate WTAF as a representative of headquarter and coordinate the member countries for development of world traditional archery.

Article 18 (Revision of regulation):

The items to revise regulation may be issued by the approval of half participants at general meeting or decision of executive committee members, and approved more than 51% participants.

Article 19 (Rules):

Rules to supplement of regulation are formulated separately.

19.1 game rules (attached)

19.2 judge rules (attached)

19.3 award and penalty rule (attached)

Article 20 (Award and penalty)

20.1 WTAF present award to individuals, organization, and country which contributed to development of world traditional archery with distinguished efforts.

20.2 Executive committee of WTAF gives penalty to individuals, organization, and country which harmed world traditional archery violating regulation.

Article 21 (Effective date):

This regulation starts immediately after executive committee’s discussion and approval of general meeting.