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Cross Archery is a discipline that combines time trial cross-country running and target archery. Even participants who have primary skills in archery with any kind of bows and arrows are allowed to compete.

Main provisions:

The main type of competition is held according to the WTAFU rules of Cross Archery. The program of the tournament includes 4 stages – “Big Circle”, “Small Circle”,” “Snake” and “Shuttles.”

After registration, participants are divided into 4 groups, which will start simultaneously in 4 different stages, but all stages will be passed in turns. A team leader, writer and controller will be appointed for each group by the organizers. The leader will be responsible for a group`s correct passage of the route and the announcement of score points that should be written to the score cards by the writer, and a controller will confirm their authenticity. The participant goes to the start with a bow and 6 arrows. The judge gives a signal to the beginning and the participant begins the passage of the route. The participant runs along the previously prepared route and shoots at the target from each confine. The shooter does not gain points if he misses the target. Collection of arrows is allowed only when the participant has passed the full route, and the judge stopped and fixed the time and together with the referee made a calculation of points.

Tournament regulations :

1st and 2nd days of the competition: “Big Circle”, “Small Circle”, “Snake”
and “Shuttles.” The main factor in calculating the result is the Hit Factor (points
divided by time). The sum of Hit Factors in four stages shows the final result.
Cost of a hit:
-“Big Circle” target 50х50cm – 3, 5, 10 points
-“Small Circle” target 30х50cm – 1, 3, 5 points
-“Snake” 1х1m – 3, 5, 10 points
-“Shuttles” target 50х50cm – 3, 5, 10 points


Class “Juniors” – children and teenagers up to 16 years old are admitted.
Class”Veterans” – all archers over 50 years old are allowed to participate.
Class “Women”- all women and girls over 16 years old are welcome to participate.
Class”Men”- all men over 16 years old are allowed to participate.
Class is considered open in case of participation of at least 5 people.


Day 1:
9.00-10.30 – Registration and admission of athletes
11.00 – Opening ceremony and briefing
11.30 – Warming-up
12.00 – Beginning of passing the stages
16.00 – Dinner
17.00 – Entertaining archery
19.00 – Supper
20.00 – Friendly evening around the fire (possible entertainment
Day 2:
9.00 – Breakfast
10.00 – Briefing
10.15 – Warming-up
11.00 – Beginning of passing the stages
15.00 – Dinner
16.00 – Scores calculation
17.00 – Closing and awarding ceremonies