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Wild Field – a tournament in the format of field- archery, that is one of the field disciplines adapted to the standard of WTAF Ukraine. The most unexpected targets, unknown distances, unusual or non-standard conditions for shooting are guaranteed in this kind of competition. The entire route will be laid on rough cross-country areas, this will bring you to the most real hunting conditions and allow you to test your skills on targets according to WTAFU standards.


Main provisions of the competition:

After registration competitors will be divided into groups of 4-7 people.
A team leader, writer and controller will be appointed for each team by organizers. The team
leader will be responsible for a group`s correct passage of the route and announcement of
score points that should be written to the score cards by the writer, and the controller will
confirm their authenticity.

Tournament regulations:

Competitions last 2 days and consist of 3 laps.

1 Day of Competition

Lap 1 – 24 confines, arrows shooting with 3 arrows from 3 different markers (stakes).
Shooting begins with the first marker and continues until the first hit, just after a hit participant
must move to the next marker.

Cost of a hit:
the first marker (peg) -1, 2, 3 points.
the second marker (peg) -2, 3, 4 points.
the third marker (peg) -3, 4, 5 points.

Lap 2 (Night Shootings) – 10 confines, target will be illuminated by fluorescent elements.
Participant makes one shot from a single marker (stake)

Cost of a hit:
from a single marker (stake) – 3,4,5 points

2 Day of Competition

Lap 3 – 24 confines, arrows shooting with 3 arrows from 3 different markers (stakes).
Participant can choose any marker ( stake).

Cost of a hit:
the first marker (peg) -1,2,3 points.
the second marker (peg) -2,3,4 points.
the third marker (peg) -3,4,5 points.

For shooting from each confine a participant is given 2 minutes
After passing the 2nd day`s route, the winners will be chosen according to the total result of
3 laps in 3 categories: tradition, modern long bow, hunter

General admission for bows

-Compound bows are not allowed
-No limit for draw weight
-Sights, clickers and stabilizers are not allowed
-Saddle on the string is allowed
-Arrow shelves glued to the bow are allowed

-The rule concerns all the categories: no sighting marks on the inside of the upper limb,
including any pictures and inscriptions. If any of such are present, the participant is
required to cover them by non-transluscent tape to the end of the competition.


Class “Traditional” – bows of the shape and form of historical analogies, but not necessarily
exactly duplicate them. Wooden shafts with field heads, plastic nocks allowed.

Class “Modern Long Bow” – no limits for bow handle, a cut for arrow shelf no more than 1/2 the
thickness of the bow is allowed. String must not touch the body of the bow in the strained state,
except fixing points (a notch). The length of the bow must not be shorter than 150 cm for
women and 160 for men in stretched form. Wooden arrows with sports tips; plastic shank are

Class “Instinct (Hunter)” – bows, which were not included in the previous two categories, or
bows with the arrows made of modern materials (carbon, aluminum, etc.).


Day 1:
9.00-10.30 – Registration and admission of athletes
11.00 – Opening ceremony and briefing
11.30 – Warming up
12.00 – The beginning of competitions 1st lap
15.00 – Dinner
16.00 – The continuation of 1st lap
19.00 – Supper
20.00 – Night archery 2nd lap
23.00 – Friendly evening around the fire (possible entertainment
Day 2:
9.00 – Breakfast
10.00 – Briefing
10.15 – Warming up
11.00 – The beginning of competitions 3d lap
14.00 – Dinner
15.00 – The continuation of 3d lap
18.00 – Scores calculation
19.00 – Closing and awarding ceremonies





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