Press-release “Archery Tradition 2018”

On August 18-19, 2018 in the National Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of Ukraine (Museum at Pirohiv) will be held a major international traditional archery festival “Archery Tradition 2018”, organized by the Ukrainian representation of WTAF in Ukraine. It will feature disciplines of Turkish, Korean, English and American traditional shooting, as well as classic target shooting and dynamic shooting on flying and moving targets.

The archers are invited to the tournament (with bows without body kits and sighting devices), as well as all who wish to cheer for the participants of the competition.

This is the third annual festival organized by WTAF Ukraine, which is becoming more and more popular not only among Ukrainian archers, but also at the international level. This year archers from many countries of the world will participate in the festival. In particular: the United States of America, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Belarus, Poland, Lithuania, Moldova and Uzbekistan.

“The tournament of this scale, organized by WTAF Ukraine, is held annually. A unique feature of this event is the opportunity to test yourself in all types of traditional shooting in one tournament, there are no analogues of such competition in the world yet. The pearl of the festival this year will be a seminar dedicated to the best traditions of different countries of the world, and a master class from invited world champions, “- President of the Federation Yuri Trofymov.

“The Ukrainian representation of WTAF exists since 2013, the official status was received in 2015 in Seoul. In total, the World Traditional Archery Federation includes 54 member countries of the Federation. Participants of all Federation representatives are usually invited to Federation tournaments, while the inviting party pays for travel and accommodation for several representatives of each country. This is done for public funds. So, the Ukrainian representation was invited to tournaments in China, Korea and Turkey. We hope that soon Ukraine will be able to invite participants from other countries for public funds to support the development and revival of our traditional heritage “, – WTAF Ukraine said.

Details on the Federation website

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