Celebration of Ivan Kupala

Everyone probably heard about the holiday of Ivan Kupala, but everyone celebrates it in their own way: someone weaves wreaths and lets go through the water, someone divines on the coffee grounds, someone goes on a picnic, someone leads a round dance around the fire. Well, we, WTAF Ukraine, were engaged in our favorite and constant occupation – traditional archery!

The new location – the new embankment of the city of Irpena, became an excellent venue for public festivities on Ivan Kupala for residents and visitors of the city. WTAF Ukraine traditionally supported the city celebration and held free training lessons in shooting techniques for everyone. Children shot at stationary targets for knocking out, adults shot at flying targets. The atmosphere was excellent, the mood of the people was cheerful and mischievous. And WTAF Ukraine remained happy because to bring everyone joy and a good mood on such a magical holiday!


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