This happened!!! We looked forward to the first tournament this year, “Summer Fild Party 2019”. The event is absolutely not promised fuss and noise, the most light approach to the tracks and locations has become a sensation for everyone! The Internet is bombarded with photographs, sincere smiles and the joy of meeting each other, sincere communication, gentle sunsets, warm sunrises, the feeling of one big and friendly family. And this is all from an uncomplicated summer friendly tournament … and yet the expression is true: “all the real lies in the simplest things,” absolutely every participant in the friendly “Summer Fild Party 2019” tournament has felt and can confirm this.
WTAF Ukraine expresses its deep gratitude to the idea generators and initiators of the “Summer Fild Party 2019” Korytnyuk Alexey and Netyaga Vitaliy.
Thanks are also expressed to Netyaga Dmitry and Sviridov Vyacheslav for assistance in preparing. And of course, thanks to everyone who came and supported the large and friendly WTAF Ukraine family with their participation.

It is a great joy to see you all and hug tightly !!!

While we are together, we are strength, and strength works wonders!


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