Mezhibozh`s Arrows 2019

Historic Traditional Archery Tournament “Mezhibozh`s Arrows”

Participation fee – 350 UAH. Deadline 10.07.2019 prepaid card.
The cost of participation is 500 UAH. after deadline or day of competition.

Стріли Межибожа 2019 Заявка

Tournament Regulations:
Mainly historical disciplines will be organized, which will be very interesting to try on the territory of a magnificent castle. (Shooting from the wall, shooting at long distances, dynamic shooting at the plates (you must have your own Flu-Arrows, or paid rent) perhaps a round of ray combat (Archery tag).

Detailed information will be after the approval of locations.

Tolerances !!!

1. Mandatory festival dress code – historical outfits

2. General bow tolerances:

– Block bows are not allowed.
– There are no restrictions on the tension force.
-Sights, clickers and stabilizers are not allowed.
– The saddle on the bowstring is allowed.
– Allowed shelves under the arrow glued to the bow.
-All categories concern the rule: no markings on the inside of the upper arm !!!
– Any types of drawings and inscriptions are not allowed, in case of their presence the participant is obliged to glue them with a temporary non-transparent tape before the end of the competition.

3. Bow classification:

* Class “Tradition” – bows from natural or modern materials, having the form and appearance of historical analogues, but they are not necessarily exactly the same. Wooden arrows with a sports tip, plastic shanks are allowed.

* Class “Modern Long Bow” – a bow handle without restrictions, a cutout under the boom shelf is allowed no more than 1/2 the thickness of the bow. In the tensioned state, the string should not touch the body of the bow, except at the attachment points (in notches). The length of the bow should not be shorter than 150 cm for women and 160 for men when stretched. Wooden arrows with sport
tip, plastic shanks are allowed.

* Class “Instinctive (Hunter)” – all bows that did not fall into the previous two categories, or bows using arrows made of modern materials (carbon, aluminum, etc.).

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