And again we gathered together at our native place, on the routes we know with our dear people in the friendly and caring environment of the organizers of  WTAF Ukraine. And once again it was noticed, once again nature supported us with its beautiful weather, despite the predicted thunderstorms and showers, in confirmation, we even bought up in the river at the end of the first day of a busy program 🙂

Everyone knows for certain that WTAF Ukraine is a federation of very active, positive and cheerful innovators who simply can not live without realizing the original ideas and surprises for like-minded people and fans of the sport. That’s why this year all participants of “Cross Archery” were expecting a surprise!!! In addition to the planned traditional routes on the first day of the competition, on the second day was waiting for everyone the team program “Vlyuchny Biy”, based on the Archery Tag, for which WTAF Ukraine purchased a new special equipment. A couple of words about “Archery Tag” – this is a archery game in the likeness of paintball, but instead of traditional guns used bows and arrows with special soft and safe tips. With pride I want to note that for Ukraine this is a Sensation! … Many did not even suspect about the existence of such a direction in the archery, this is the first experience for our beautiful country and pride for WTAF Ukraine.

Also, “Vluchny Biy” is a safe, new and interesting archery direction, where everyone was able to test himself for such qualities as agility, speed, reaction, accuracy, team interaction and many other qualities are inherent in real fighters! And as it turned out, this is not just a archery game, but also a sea of positive emotions, interesting stories and unexpected developments!!! WTAF Ukraine said it plans to actively develop “Archery Tag” in Ukraine and will include it in all possible competition programs.

So, let’s sum up: the competitions were held in a favorable atmosphere, in a good mood, in a wonderful place and under the careful care of the organizers 🙂 Each participant was able to compete for the championship in the relevant qualifying and in the teams classification,to assess your capabilities, try yourself in a new direction of archery, tasty and satisfying meal, to swim in the river and have a good time for the evening campfire at a gentle sunset of the day!

The protocol of the results of the participants of “CROSS ARCHERY 2018” can be viewed by clicking on the link:

…and of course the photo report, to view necessarily! Let him again remind us all about the wonderful – and fun – spent weekend in a friendly, big and caring team of WTAF Ukraine!

And yet every meeting with WTAF is special and unforgettable! 🙂

P.S. Want to express my sincere gratitude to the organizers of  WTAF Ukraine for unexpected solutions, new and saturated programs, for the opportunity for personal growth, for the development of new directions in the archery sport and of course for the insanely delicious field cuisine! : -Р          Also want to express my great gratitude to all participants of the competition, since without your participation nothing would have happened! 🙂

Join us !!!

WTAF is preparing this year for many more surprises and pleasant emotions !!!

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