International Children’s Day 2018

On June 1, the International Children’s Day is celebrated every year in the World

     On June 2-3, in the city of Irpen, mass celebrations also took place in honor of the World Day of Children’s Day. World Traditional Archery Federation in Ukraine (WTAF Ukraine) also did not miss this event and supported it with their participation, as it is known that our Children are our Future!   

     Archery was for the kids an unexpected and pleasant surprise. Absolutely everyone wanted to shoot from a real adult onion and feel like a real Robin Hood, Warrior of the Light or or what you would like to be. Archery had a crazy stir among children and their parents. The queue was forming, we did not even have time to sit down and rest 🙂 A lot of positive and bright emotions, smiles and sincere joy were observed on the faces of the kids!It was an incredibly enjoyable and amazing pastime, and one more excellent opportunity to give the children an opportunity to try themselves in a new, interesting and useful lesson, to present a feeling of joy and pride from the knocked out target! 🙂

At the end of the event, everyone expected a pleasant surprise: the festival of colors! It was enchanting !!! Commenting will be superfluous, just look at the photo!


WTAF for Children !!! For a healthy and useful pastime !!!

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