Family Weekend 2018

May 12-13, Irpin Family Weekend 2018

     The event was held simultaneously in the central square of the city and in the park “Central”, which was divided into locations where different sports sections represented their skills, there were performances and concerts, lectures and seminars were held on family topics, children’s entertainment and development zones, food court, fair and much much more. Each guest of the festival had the opportunity to find a location on the interests both for himself and the whole family, happily and nicely spend the weekend.

     A pleasant surprise for an alternative, healthy and pleasant way of hanging out was traditional archery, organized by the World Traditional Archery Federation in Ukraine (WTAF Ukraine) !!! Absolutely all guests of the festival had the opportunity to shoot from real bows and crossbows with professional trainers, get a free master class on shooting technique, and in the end to buy themed souvenirs for memory. Representatives of the WTAF Ukraine federation gave everyone a wonderful mood, bright emotions and unforgettable impressions!

WTAF Ukraine – combine pleasant with useful, create mood and joy around !!!

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